Slow life favors the most adaptable, or the best adapted.

slow art not crazy busy

Sloth is neither the beginning of vice, nor the mother of poverty,

It is just as plausible to think that selfishness and laziness are indeed common human traits that may well have evolutionary advantages.

Georg Baselitz, Sloths are lovely.

because sloths are not lazy, just slow-moving and knowing how to deal with procrastination.

procrastinating panther

Laziness is the mother of philosophy.

Thomas Hobbes, philosophy

Anyone who is patient has great understanding

The real apathetic sloth cartoon.

The real motivation in any intellectual work is intellectual in nature.

Real artists ship.

easy to industry, difficult to sloth

All things are easy to industry, all things difficult to sloth, Cholopus Didactylus is a procrastinator and too serious quotes are boring.

Benjamin Franklin

artist art humor

Laziness is not a myth.

Roland Barthes, Nature hates sudden changes. We cannot expect the fox to keep eye over the hen-house.