Weirdo pictures depict the bucolic beauty of contemporary art.

outline giraffes

The tallest ever artist was a giraffe

A comprehensible explanation is not necessarily the shortest one for a giraffe, because giraffes avoid bumptious theory, they love black ink doodling.

Life is complex and perplexing. Caring about something makes people vulnerable.

cool drawing of giraffes

What's the opposite of a giraffe?

The eye-catching cool metaphor that often comes to his story telling mind is that the tallest ever artist has a long neck, and that's the essence of nature and art. Wasn't that supposed to be a good thing?

Art is a living thing

What is a baby giraffe called ?

The calf mentality is alive as a figure of speech and well even at the summits of giraffe necks, because art is art and a flock of sheep is a flock of sheep (remembering the wool is greater than the sum of its parts).

Self-referentiality is characteristically post-modern, but has gone the way of the dodo.