naturalism and neo-naturalism

The difference between naturalism and neo-naturalism is only one century.

The prestige of good science and the power of technology have driven naturalism to the top of the mountain, because naturalism is the dominant philosophical worldview and bad art is used to make a mountain out of a molehill.

What is a difference between naturalism and realism in art?

What is naturalism ?

Naturalism is the little sister of realism, neither fish nor fowl, because the artist sees what he paints rather than paints what he sees.

Ernst Gombrich

difference between human art and nature

Difference between human art and nature

Modern science, has confirmed what ancient faiths have always taught: the most important fact of life is our natural sense of art.

Realism in arts

Art theory of realism : Futility of man up against the forces of nature.

Making picture is so fundamental to human existence that it must be wired in our brain, it must have a genetic component.


Do we need naturalistic pictures to fit an artistic point of view of the human nature because of the difference between naturalism and realism in art?

Good Bad
What is a difference between naturalism and realism?

The arts matter because they force us to think about the difference between the good and the bad, the false and the true, naturalism and realism, theory and practice.

John Tusa, Human beings experience a sentiment of freedom which is caused by great art