Fuzzy minded artists, dealing with uncertainties, are those who maintain a sense of worthiness, for their images lives.

difference between naturalism and realism in art

Naturalistic duck would be artist drawing the line between naturalism and realism in art.

Art is the pursuit of exposing our human vulnerability in turbulent times.

Noah's Ark cartoon, contemporary artists are in the same boat

Contemporary artists and geneticists are in the same boat: Drowning in data.

It often does seem a pity that Noah did not miss the naturalistic boat.

Mark Twain

naturalism realism

A visual proof that naturalism is not realism.

the work horse of easy nature drawings

Sgraffito drawings are the work horses of contemporary realism

Trying to decide such issues simply by fixating on a fluid and arbitrary definition is, by nature, crazy.

Emile Zola

what is natural, flower fairies answer

Our visceral concept of what is "natural" depends on what we, or flower fairies, are used to, and will continue to evolve as technology does.

Exposing human vulnerability in turbulent times.