Jasper John's work is coded with secret messages, because he is not a purely a visual artist. With Ellsworth Kelly there is no message, just an experience. But in many instances, a whimsical approach is ideal.

Theory of art is the name of a religious cult that get visitors brainwashed by neuronal control techniques into believing that theory belief of cuteness is better than anything else's. Then reality again reared its head.

Any drawing is the insane asylum for all the eccentric arts. And artists do not follow any set of rules because we know that art is absurdity, crystal ball does work, I've tried that. In human societies, cultural norms arise when behaviours are transmitted through social networks via high-fidelity social learning.


The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of moral courage which it contained. Some eccentrics are considered cranks.

John Stuart Mill

Independent and unorthodox pictures are not such a mad thing. Art is inherently ambiguous hovering on the fringes of sanity. We are left to draw our own conclusions.

The image is only in our brain because you don't need sight to have vision. It's a matter of definition. Too much weirdness is better.

Art does not require an explanation, is unencumbered by tedious terminological disputes.

Unimaginable not so long ago, strongest pictures see not just the black and white antiessentialism, but also the many shades of grey present in any issue.

Risk it or die slowly. Dogma is a moving target.

The algorithm didn't like my drawing. Probable images are gambling everything.

Probably black and white

Those dual interests intersect in the mating of objectivity with subjectivity for error of the fourth kind.

The theoretical predictions can be strongly affected by random disorder, such as impurities or vacancies that are inevitably present in all real physical systems.

Some of these issues can now be possibly attributed to the effects of quenched disorder, thus recovering the elegance of being able to treat different systems within the same theoretical framework.