funny sayings in the age of the internet

We only see the luckiest pictures, the others are deeply buried in the internet.

"All events seem entirely loose and separate. One event follows another; but we never can observe any tie between them. They seem conjoined, but never connected."

David Hume

beauty is another altogether

A picture becomes great by not accepting normal standards, and pushing the envelope, so to speak, in order to innovate.

Wolf Vostell : No Art medium is logically preferable to any other, beauty is another altogether.

Magic has long been associated with experimental science.

never-ending quest for discoveries

Painting understood not as an object but rather as a set of choices, contrary to the rules of parcimony.

never-ending quest for discoveries

People aren't looking for sites with great art in a never-ending quest for discoveries. They're looking for sites with smiling pictures to make them happy.