Pop art seeing each other as flowers.

Postmodern playfulness and craziness and everything in between. Then the pop art bubble popped.

In England, pop art and fine art stand resolutely back to back.

Colin MacInnes. Bad art should not be feared.

idiosyncratic symbol

Pop art is the plastic manifestation of a popular culture determined by art critics and business where objects are not unique anymore, but thought to be mass produced.

neo pop

Pop hermit-crabs in a wide range of seas do a large amount of drawings. A lack of significant direction from the top-selling artists.

In contemporary art practice there has been a fantastic shift in content, as pop art finds way to create new objects from everyday scenes because bubbles pop so easily.

Novelty is born with the seed of its death in its soul. The sharing principle avoids duplication of effort.

Who's troubled by troubles finds troubles are doubled.

pop art

The mirror unshackled the painting scene in Paris by putting an end to the dictates of imitating nature.

pop art

Geometric art is our bottom line.