things that are considered art

What is considered art for things that are not considered art? Over time, they waxed poetic about quirkiness in everyday life.

The best way to escape the bandwagon effect of the hyper-competitive culture is to look at things from a distance, to connect different ideas with inks.

what is considered art

Found object, the kind of art that isn't. The less professional it looks, the better it is.

Only an artist who doesn't want to be an artist or who doesn't even know that he is an artist is a real artist. Art theory was a mystery that nobody could understand, even the images themselves.

unintentional drawing

Quirky art can only commit pictures through flesh-and-blood people; art by chance found object finds you. Thinking so far outside the box that the box is forgotten. Unintentional artwork is non-art. The definition of Art is so broad that it is almost impossible to engage in a meaningful dialogue with everyday objects. Unintentional artworks stare off into space.

happy little accidents

Wax and oil artwork, there is nothing inherent in any object which makes it a work of art. And I meet a lot of visitors these days who believe in all kinds of adaptative perspectives.

An outside-the-box painting is able to change its personal standpoint to meet the public's expectations.

symbol for simplicity

Only an artwork that does not look like a work of art is a real artwork.

We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

Bob Ross, Landscape paintings tapped optimistic memories.

Graphic Fish is overlooked by historical surveys

The art business creates such a stench of pretension that you may forget this is supposed to be fun, and the fragility of art

Gustave Courbet, Humor is invaluable even if the picture's credibility is low, because this is are art.

make me smile

Art not considered as itself. The mentally healthy person appears to have the enviable capacity to distort reality in a direction that promotes an optimistic view of the future, conflating notions of art and banality, and high-brow and low-brow.

Each artwork is a logical being, understanding the structure of the art market and capable of following the strategic logic to its conclusion. All that are needed are the proper tools.

John Baldessari

It's a lot easier to stop worrying about the future when you have something meaningful to move toward in the present.

The nature of the work is to prepare for a good accident.

Sidney Lumet, Elite art is the art that survives the investigation of objecthood.

what is the difference between nature and art?

What is the difference between nature and art?

Art has always existed and is everywhere. As a result, 20th Century art, to a large degree, cannot be understood without critical theory.

Paintings which retain emotion when the electricity goes off. Like an image where the proportions feel right.

What is not art? Elite art is the art that survives, tempting the viewer to process and make sense of what is seen.

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