ironic drawing

Life is fluid, pretty nonsensical from the start. She had the vision, and the bull had the know-how. Drawings are both vessels of knowledge and interpreters of a narrative.

Drawing papers are flat wrong, foolproof art kills but ironic sayings makes the point, because academic artworks truly haven't understood anything about anything.

Irony trumps everything

Imagination has done much more than people thought.

Anxiety expresses itself not just in what you draw, but how you draw it. I realized that I wanted to explore both sides of the coin.

When you go to paint, use your eyes not your ears.

icon irony

Naive artworks activate of a small population of neurons that had previously been activated by a positive experience.

Everything here is true, accuracy is worthless. The lobster showed him the importance of sharing meals.

irony for funny art history

Artists distract themselves as a way of regulating their emotions such as fear of witty and insightful art. There is a simple lesson to be learned from this: the fragility of humor.

Confirmation bias makes me feel like I'm constantly on the verge of discovering the meaning of life, and the logic behind symbol of jealousy.

lobster irony

The lobster showed him the importance of sharing meals. Art speaks when words can't.

Though there are some disagreeable things in Venice, there is nothing so disagreeable as the visitors.

Henry James

benevolent irony

The subject of drawing is drawing itself.

On average visitors spend 1 minute peering at online art websites, it's easy to be cynical. Art is something inside of you, waiting to get out. The time the paper spends consuming the arts looks awesome to the artist.

naked truth

Life in the Internet age has undoubtedly helped a certain ironic sensibility to flourish as a painting in itself, beyond the bare minimalism, between a still and a moving image. That is surely black and white, no gray area there.

Living on a art-optional beach can be quite a liberating experience.

Now, the best reason to paint is that there is no good reason to paint a weird mix of pictures as object as a little part of the magical canvas.

Before considering being a watercolor painter, test the waters first, and paddle your own canoe.

Laziness is the mother of all vices. Kazimir Malevich have always been of the opinion that this condemnation of laziness is unfair.

endless irony

Irony trumps everything, be prepared for the unexpected where the act of looking or being looked at is inherent to the graphic process itself.