Cynicism Fighting bad Art

Some pictures expertly adapt to urban environments, often by changing their behavior. Cynicism is perfect for socially acceptable art, a clear conscience being the sign of a bad memory.

The Parrhesiastes is the person who says everything, fighting weighty art, one pixel at a time.

“The real truths are those that can be invented”

Mickael Bishop, Nobel prize lecture (1989)

True art is angsty
hidden art within art

"It is quite often impossible to get all responsible parties but punishing the big fish is certainly a good example to set."

Retraction watch, October 18, 2013.

The world doesn't need reality but fantasy.

That was a time when words were like magic. A word spoken by chance might have strange consequences, we have enough reality today.

It would suddenly come alive and weirdness people wanted to happen could happen. I

Postmodern cynicism

Cynicism and postmodernity, once a crook always one.

It's a little late in the game to worry about anticorruption measures because what in the world is the alternative going to be? If you find people who aren't corrupt it is largely because they haven't had the opportunity.

A sly rabbit will have three openings to its den.

Fringe thinking for underdogs

Life is a big conundrum, fringe thinking helps. At a basic level, feeling in danger or under stress are the same to the brain.

Subversive outsider art as a wild-idea factory is not art made by those who are maybe just a bit eccentric.

Showing pictures as we may have wished them to have been, rather than as they actually are.

Online art brings life

Art serves no purpose. Artspeak serves mainly as ammunition for those who still insist contemporary art is a fraud. Forget cynicism in art, stay focused on humor. No matter what one does in life, it is guaranteed to be wrong in someone's eyes.

Authority is all about domain specificity. Authority is earned, not claimed.