interdisciplinary visual humor vocabulary

The spare elegance of heartless minimalism has no soul, surreal art is bizarre, we boosted it by 1 to the 5th power.

Humor is now fully included in the history of contemporary visual art. Fortunately Hermit Crab lived long enough to see the tide turning, but it was a lot of lonely years.

contemporary art theory

Etching scratched the copper plate so the art spirits entered the sgraffito artwork. This is a good way to waste a life.

Art that speaks for itself

An increasingly unwieldy art scene is a good way to waste a life. These weren't mistakes.

The Greek physician Hippocrates classified people on the basis of their bodily liquids known as humors, and the mixture of humors had been thought to determine a person’s temperament.

William of Conches argued that the divine system of nature is coherent and consistent, and therefore comprehensible: if we ask questions of nature, we can expect to get answers, and to be able to understand them.

fish ink

Wherever culture, language and words advance toward so-called outsider art, you can’t measure the value of that and the quality that gives to your life.

A passionate artist becomes a picture and thinks like a picture using a playful approach to explore the urban space. The more substance you possess, the better you’ll absorb the power of serendipity.

interdisciplinary artist

In an era where our lives are infiltrated by technology, and the self is propagated in viral proportions on the internet, the question of what it means to be human is becoming increasingly useful.

interdisciplinary artist

Interdisciplinary humor uses a visual vocabulary, the final form being half-creaturely, half-object-like. Bookish artist had no explanation for his rabbit’s popularity.