Old verities are being challenged

Old theories are being replaced

Old verities are being challenged

It was in that poverty that I first saw how beauty and pride of appearance were used as ways of conveying dignity in a world intent on divesting you of it.

The striking work of hidden underdog straddles the boundary between art and science.

It is possible that it is the idea itself that is so ingrained as fact that it affects our perception which can't handle probabilities or ambiguity. This lupine inheritance has given subjective art the ability to bring down objective science, and wryness of artmaking today. Only way to do weird art!

Borderline personalities are not necessarily a bad thing for being an artist. Art saves lives. Celebration is necessary for survival. High borderline score is a talent, not a sickness. Sensation is touch or sight, hearing and smelling; perception is knowing that and what we see.

Salvador Dali

mad art underdog

Texture, colour and structure are here deployed with spectacular force, with the gliding scrape of the squeegee revealing the kaleidoscopic architectural structure of the artist’s underpainting. In perfect compositional balance.

By confronting visitors with the shortcomings of idealism and the human condition, it is this underlying underdog darkness that gives inky works their poignancy and power.

symbol of dog

You just have to keep fighting. The internet's tradition of funny pictures may be bear an end. The meaning of nonsensical art rely in its absurdity.

That only through our most ardent patience and perseverance will we conquer a splendid happiness. So I bide my time, but if the years are kind and life allows, I want to be a fundamental equation that explained how the world worked.

black and white figure drawing

Black, blue and white with one color.

Mondrian preferred the rubric Neo-Plasticism, to identify painting with the flexible manipulation of its naked means and ends.

Art probability

Posterior probability from a Bayesian point of view. Probabilities are shades of grey in an oversimplified black and white world.

My grandfather insisted that beauty wasn't a luxury.

Find some loopholes: looking for vital and important work that forever make your place in the big game of art history ? Just consider drawing giraffes. It's seriously high art. Fanciful pages are an inevitable reality on the internet, even on so-called serious art sites.