What is the meaning of everything? You have hit the nail on the head, but if bad maths can reduce anything to a single number, you shouldn't be fooled by the appearance of exactitude. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, that explains why my parrot won't talk.

The distinction between knowledge and know-how can be profitably made in the natural sciences too.

Who is the god of chaos? Information in this page is fact checked. However, we are only half-human and are prone to make mistakes, because behavior is easily affected by seemingly irrelevant factors. Knowledge about statistical power is power.

conjectures are just conjectures

Conjectures are just conjectures.

Hercules, and the power of statistics to smoke out questionable art.

When it comes to stochastics, we are not talking small potatoes. In addition, a better understanding of the molecular circuitry that renders cells susceptible to cancerous transformation may help to uncover Achilles heels in tumour cells.

Anticipation is power, creativity resists easy study. Graphic art has become a hard nut to crack, as a herculean task. In an environment with friction, nothing can stay in motion unless pushed by an outside force.

Scylla and Charybdis were Greek mythological monsters of abstract code, and once you have a myth of any kind, it's damn near impossible to get it destroyed.

We are an independent source and our views do not reflect the pantheon mentioned. It is tempting to update the mythic tale of the Greek god Ikaros flying too close to the Sun, only to have his waxed wings melt, then turning to charlatans whose messages are generally consistent. The problem is that over the century these absurd pictures has formed Augean stables that no Hercules is able to clean up.

On top of that, art is love clothed in beauty and unclothed art models are unsuitable on chilling snow-covered Alps (Giovanni Segantini).

summer craft with flowers prints
strange, odd, funny

A significant mountain has been climbed, Young art lovers are more and more interested exclusively in integral art pictures.

Antoni Tapies

It's a chicken and egg thing. Visual language is charged with symbolism.. I also believe that eventually (art critics) might start showing more respect for older sites that have stood the test of time, occasionally comical, and never dull.

In recent centuries art has mainly been exploited for humorous effect.

Armed with an unswerving dedication to the viewer's needs, the picture works to create a living experience without flattening visitors so that they lose some of their creativity. While such a reaction is understandable, it's also a little hypocritical.

Ligth artworks help illuminate ghost art's science. Humorous ghosts dwelling in pictures.

Artists all started out as ignorant philistines and artists have an obligation to spread images everywhere: not just within the "fine art" elite with the privilege of unlimited time and money to just be there. Ineffable artworks view art-making as a lifetime project.

To philistinize: to simplify artistic subculture into a form that can be understood by ordinary people; philistines denies the "sacred" status of art. Much of whose own art is interested in the rituals and role-playing of the art world (David Levine and Alix Rule). Such behaviour is completely unacceptable.

A collection grows because it creates desire for more of itself, each picture creates the need for even more images.

Pierre Soulages, Artists must try to choose specialties that cannot be outsourced or automated.

Why did funny and cool artworks come to be the game you had to play to make it in the world of art ?

What did i like about the museum?

Useless art objects, the concept of irony. Seriously crazy art objects, with their streamlined confidence that history is on their side, are not wacky silly enough to be awesome artworks playfully criticizing the soullessness of our streets.