imperfect knowledge

We only call it chance on account of our imperfect knowledge.

Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere (De mortuis, aut bene aut nihil).

Gilbert K. Chesterton

There is a connotation that something supernatural is getting between you and seeing the nemesis bird.

Nemesis was the Greek goddess of retribution

We deal with it by talking about it.

Whistleblower's despair in science is just a temporary setback, but in what way is science self-correcting through being a contemporary Nemesis? When it comes to status and power, numbers are nearly totally irrational. Even assuming that your theory is correct, mathematical Nemesis is not on the picture.

Never trust what your computer screen is showing you.

A personal myth of this legendary goddess who lives as much in the mind of people all over the world, as it does in down-to-earth kind of reality. In the eyes of the art website visitor, perception is reality.

signs and symbols

Nemesis the goddess of science ethics

A work of art that raises no questions is not a work of art. A work of science that raises questions sometimes meets whistleblowers.

I would like to see line back in painting.

Robert Motherwell

Nemesis, winged balancer of life, dark-faced goddess, daughter of Justice

The beauty of imperfection.

ink figures

Although Stanislaw Szukalski lived in obscurity in Burbank, he was not inactive. Among other things he formulated a universalist theory of history called Zermatism, based on the premise that all human life originated on Easter Island and that a race of malevolent Yetis was destroying civilization as we know it.

happy egg

Because a good artist is a dead artist, haunted art galleries are places where everyone there should be dead. Justice hasn’t been done to the happy egg of real life problems.

People Are Strange

All art is contemporary, People Are Strange. A peacock with a bunch of dull, short feathers might live longer.