Perception is reality

No one knows anything, not really.

This makes sense. Optimistic art is seriously making images that are more positive, that have a lot more to do with life.

Dont give credit to values and norms that are contradictory to real life and counterintuitive for example that surface textures are more like imagination than reality. Small is easier than big.

Nominalization examples read and interpret meaningful art in the context of their own culture.

The art world often takes itself way too seriously and that's also a problem. Silly artworks are abundant in our world, but there are many real images lurking among the doodlings.

everything is art

The meaning of what is art must be uncertain

art is not a mirror

Perfection is a myth.

Each simple image is a narrative that tells a story full of absurdity and uncertainty.

During his childhood, Atalanta received very abstract painting instruction from Apollon himself, an antic kind of bordeline art as a reaction to the domination of art by skillfulness and business. I hope the culture of rigid seriousness goes over the waterfall to disappear down the river. The real world doesn't reward perfectionists.

Good picture looks like something that had a life. Fine artworks can never admit a mistake.

Painting life is not derogatory, but dont give credit to pictures that are paradoxical to functions of nonverbal communication, because perception is reality.

Reality construction of the brain

Why does cubism have multiple views ? When the answer came, it arrived from an unlikely corner of art.

If only it were that simple, the canvas functions as a thin partition between the mundane and the uncanny.

art is necessary for life

Symbol for simplicity.

Perception is reality

Perception is reality, images are with you, meaning of art is uncertain.

Reality is a construction of the brain; perception is everything.