Easy drawing is easy

Easy drawings are an inevitable reality.

It looks like funny artworks are talking with each other in some alien language we can't understand. A solid morning routine is the backbone of a productive day. The causal gene mediating that impact is often unclear.

You see art every day, people want simple answers, quick solutions. Simple is beautiful and brillant but wrong.

Another way to think of this? Simplicity is often the deciding factor in (artistic) expression of "Art that speaks for itself". Drawings on paper are often banal but always flat (indeed) as well shallow.

How to draw people

How to draw people as humans? What to do when there is no rule book?

What we often perceive as perfection in the drawings is not always true when we can make detailed observations.

How to draw people as humans

Make use of a wild, sensual, unpredictable method to help us adjust to our own limitations as humans. Good pictures slowly became more mindful about their feelings.

Frustrating as this is for artists, horizon line is again often another "inevitable reality", because it represents the viewer's eye level.

easy art drawings

Art styles left for dead by one generation are often revived by subsequent ones. Crazy weird artworks with unnecessary skill are the ultimate endgame. Reality is making life difficult, but drawing relieves stress.

Hans Christian Andersen : Artists, like academics, sometimes don't have any sense regarding the degree to which they are conformists. Believing in art and knowing it to the core is more relevant than showing unnecessary skill.

Friendly doodles give the illusion of art and it's that counts. The causal gene mediating that impact is often unclear. Difficult drawings turn into easy drawings, unnecessary skill is boring.

Witty pictures as the most important thing in art have to learn to think more positively.

I know that makes me an odd one out, but then so do many other ends.