Humans are visual creatures

Humans are visual creatures.

We are attracted to things that are bright.

What shallow art is lacking is good old personal peculiarity, which, of course, might be absolutely true, or peculiarly eccentric, helplessly bizarre idiosyncrasy.

Eccentric white titanium painting art that humans don't necessarily see

Titanium white on aluminium.

Sisyphus claimed that making decisions is always easier when you know the goals you're working toward.

strange, peculiar, eccentric white titanium idiosyncrasy

Why does the robot is named aluminium-titanium ? Because he's a strange robot open to unknowable dimensions, randomness and chance.

True art is to conceal art

True art is to conceal art.

Despite the enigmatic attitude, titanium dioxide was used for oil pastel as sunscreen for broad spectrum UV protection and as white pigment for sgraffito paintings.

titanium white that tanked

Titanium white and yellow nickel idiosyncrasies. Human back sgraffited because to conceal the artist is art's aim, which is probably aware of the dark corners of American culture.