Let's start with the biggest elephant in the room : House spirits are good storytellers.

every picture tells a story

Humour has always been a big part of art making, but funny artworks must learn how communicate humorously.

Storytelling pictures can be considered a vignette like a jigsaw puzzle with large pieces. It seems like a superorganism that covers the entire art world that takes a big breath every couple of years.

Storytelling through images

Pictures must learn how to think

Don't ask for a reason or justification people that grew up with a more square, or inside of the box, view of what is normal. None preaches better than the birds as symbols in paintings.

Whimsical contingent art, proactive artworks

Finally, sometimes, it's just bad luck. The position of the artist is humble. He is best as a channel than a form of autism or obsessive behaviour resulting as something easy to draw that looks cool. Proactive artworks never allows things to happen to them.

Drawing from life is always better than photographs.

whimsical artist

The body is where drawing begins, and where it ends.