proportions in art

Art is a complete mystery by design.

I mix colors with my brains, sir.

John Opie

Painting the timeless grandeur of crazy images.

Therefore, as with drawing, there appears to be an optimal time for exercise. The millipede emphasizes the significance of material in communicating the impact of a particular form, as well as the capabilities imbued within each approach.

Unimaginable is beyond words

Being absolutely arty is a great challenge, make mysterious artworks. Unimaginable is beyond words. You can't snow the snowman. Dadaism was fun.

Artist and muse in a kind world

Edmond Gonfalon did not want to make art by brute force.

The palest ink is the best memory

All pictures want to be an artist.

The palest ink is better than the best memory. Art should be a mystery because the highest goal of any drawing is only decoration of wackos's homes.

unaimed arrow never misses

The magic pixels of jocularity, unaimed arrow never misses.

For it is evident our stronger perceptions or impressions are innate, and that natural affection arise adamantly from nature.

David hume, Treatise of human nature

is art an escape from reality?

Is art an escape from reality?

Learning artspeak is not a little gratuitous and decorative, but something you have to really do in the physical world where how completely mundane and everyday all ingredients are.

Not every eccentric things that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Random art will hit two rabbits with one stone.

I don't work after nature, but before nature and with her.

Pablo Picasso, Visual arts say they have a phobia for ugliness, and should be cool, if nothing else.

Please, don't bury underground art. That’s very likely nonsense.

no one knows

No one knows.

“Unsupervised” expressing nothing about anything in particular except for the machine’s ability to do what it is doing.

Nature is lazy. Certain art: Unexpectedly, the objects that have offered me the most meaningful connection to graphs are not objects at all but living, breathing things: trees.

Meanwhile, contemporary art lovers demand for funny pictures is probably pretty inelastic, so art market demand for artworks in these areas is probably inelastic.

A time when there was more green and less noise in the world.

The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Artspeak knows how to talk about art

A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool.

The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Blending modernity and tradition, the abstract and the figurative, painterly works tend to place emphasis on the texture and the materiality of the painting, but are conceived by the author not in formalist terms, but as a way of dealing with the spiritual challenges of contemporary times.

obdurate mystery

Whatever you do, a part of you will want to have done something else. What critic Peter Schjeldahl, writing on Piet Mondrian, recently termed obdurate mystery. Burrowing beneath the surface of media culture, quirky art looks like post-painterly abstractions, but are deeply referential and funny.

ladybug art poem

Artists emerge through their entire life. Arworks make the world colorful. It's just that bug's life cycle often makes me smile when i need a dose of cuteness.