fringe art

Fringe art is healthy as a horse.

Low art raise thoughtful questions about the nature of irreverence.

You always have to mar a picture a little in order to finish it.


Horse cartoon

There is nothing like an explanation to pony up the minimalist horse cartoon. Why does it matter? That's a very simple explanation.

horse drawing

Fringe art rides irreverent humor's hobby-horse for April folls day.

Contemporary horse cartoon makes the perfect plea for an irrational approach. This is not a big deal: There's no particularly good reason that an art site should control the image of an artwork that is not eligible for scientific illustration. So, it is unreasonable to compare these two things.

cool horse drawing

Horses paint quickly and intuitively.

The best conversations are about connection, not information: Art irreverently riding on doodles are more creative because deeper meanings underlie the most simple sketches.

ink blot horse drawing

The picture think it is flogging the dead horse of good art. Humans are social animals, and also individuals. Like all animals, when we feel attacked, we tend to either fight back or run away, sometimes physically, but often, mentally.

Horse artists do love still life and have a passion for landscapes.

Horse cartoon

Horses paint quickly, intuitively, subjectively and often directly in nature.

Maker of myth as time goes.