brain paradox theory

Brain hand paradox, you have to let the right brain take over

When we cant see both the leaves and the shape at any time, we arent out of the woods yet, for the naturalization of many branches of philosophy.

The paradox follows : we dont have to make a choice when we look at the tree (we have both the shape and the details), the neo-naturalism problem is to represent a tree on a 2D flat surface.

Painting a tree, we need to choose between an impressionist approach, with large brush strokes and attention to values and shadings, and some realistic painting either naive or scientific, where every boundaries artwork is represented.

good and quickly seldom meet

Beware of the daughter of Nyx, and her divine retribution of hubris ans arrogance.

meaning, perception and representation

Mathematics is thought by Devlin as conceptual spectacles that enable us to see the invisible.

Sol Lewitt

Stereotypes and irony

We need an orderly and aesthetically consistent imagery for such odd definitions of a whale as the animal with the hole in it.

Cultural groups are frequently identifiable through ethnic markers, which are arbitrary but observable traits like body modification that symbolically signal group affiliation.

What is it about certain paintings that makes them memorable?

J.M.T. Mitchell, What do pictures want ? Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

medusa gorgon

Pictures that prove favourable to survival. That's a good thing, but it will mean nothing if art websites continue to publish nutty ideas and funny artworks that are unlikely to be reproduced, Narratives reflecting struggle and introspection. The forms that take shape trend toward grotesque exaggerations of life.

theory of brain perception

Trust your right brain, not your left brain.

The tension is underscored by the skewed perspective and flat planes, upon which bunnies are plopped as if ready to fall off the canvas.

Joseh Kosuth, Emotions fit to be tied, Perception is only in our brain.