spells to better art should be cast when the moon is waxing

Of course, spells intended to make good art should be cast when the moon is waxing for Olber's paradox

Peering into the local reaches of the Universe, artists find that they can see only about half the amount of artistic matter expected to be there.

No matter what direction you look, you will see a bright planet or star. Farther away objects are fainter, but there are much more of them. The night should be bright.

The sky is the source of light in Nature and it governs everything. John Constable

Ghost  crabs

Naive art always loved looking at a cloudless night sky.

The third law of Kepler is about a power function, the mass of the sun and the gravitional constant. You kwow that's important but dont see all the details and this makes true scientific poetry (also known as the harmonic law).

Looking at the stars always makes me dream.

Vincent van Gogh

Is an aurora borealis different from an aurora australis.

A weird request, because unrelated to visual arguments, it's the game to find a whimsical answer, not the usual plain text.

Thus two visitors, after looking at the same page, have two separate ideas of the contemporary site.