Our emotional reactions often surprise us. Body shapes are highly potent to our attention. Biology cannot be ignored. How wonderful the art is to live with while unlike music, words will convey the same info to all listeners across time and space.

collective imagination

Life is complicated.

Art had been weakened by bickering images and conceptual weirdos.

Getting too intellectual about art takes the fun out of it, and is like letting your dog guard the pizza. Ghosts are border characters, between alive and dead. Perception is influenced by the observer's wishes and fears.

Life is complicated

How to be inventive in a systemic way? For some images, aesthetics also matter. The wide distribution of images plays a role in the creation of icons, in anchoring them in the collective imagination. Sand hoppers are small, ephemeral and almost forgotten. Sand fleas aim to inject a bit of much-needed fun into our everyday lives.

We all want to be artsy as possible. Quantum aesthetics say a lot about the craving for genuine outsiders in contemporary art: We can never know precisely at a given moment all properties of an artwork. Beauty is a thing seldom seen, good art is for everybody.

Few images could be induced to change or reweigh their beliefs to accept to drawn again, which brings us to this reality: Artists have to have an excuse to paint their mental imagery, and mythological subjects provide such an excuse.

True art is angsty

All pictures are or have been mental imagery, true art speaks plainly.

Beauty is a difficult concept because a society is a group that shares cognitive frames, symbols and social norms. Any superheroes I've met are indeed unbelievably stupid, needing art on the wall to personalize a space.

Beautiful is complicated.

What is the pretext for art?

Graphic art illustrates changing ideals of beauty and moral perceptions.

Art is about the pursuit of engaging forbidden pictures, and terrible is better, driven to insanity by its obsession with aesthetics. We like shapes, these shapes, particularly on the body are highly potent to our attention.

Truth is the daughter of time

Much conceptualist art relies upon language and if ideas have value as art, crazy cartoons say a lot, beyond the physical appearance of cartoons. Don't fritter it away in anxiety and perfectionism.

Preserving aesthetic traditions is nice only to be free having fun with creativity.

In drawings, silly imagination of typical form is formalized in a first stage, and then more abstracted, using the familiar objects as art symbols.

Life is complicated

True art is angsty

Why are we here ? Funny art that you can understand

Getting too intellectual about art takes the fun out of it, and excludes folks from the simple enjoyment a nice work of art can bring. Has the inclusion of art brut in mainstream art exhibitions fundamentally changed the way institutions look at these works? Art is not on the list of mental disorders.

Biology cannot be ignored.

Nature unveiling herself before science

Visual art is a pretext for drawing mental mythology. Funny art that you can understand, even if a little bit more tricky: Personification of allegory herself slept with Zeus in classical paintings from ancient Greece.

Rules and models destroy genius and art.

William Hazlitt, Emotion is a metaphor for these rules.

Emotion is a metaphor for these rules

It's also a powerful tool for draw, one that forces you to slow down, to take things in, to simply look. But why complain when there is also room for laughter? Pareidolia is influenced by wonderfully human paintings like a bit of dust.

Because life is outstandingly nonsense, outstanding irony is the answer to a painting style that is simultaneously conceptual and joyful. I am taking it one step at a time.

Image caused by the presence or imminence of danger, because there is nothing to fear but birds, ornithophobia and fear itself.

description of the real flat world

The only problem in art is to achieve a balance between the subjective and the objective.

Piet Mondrian

Time in the game beats time commenting on the game.