Math art and artistic painting of probability distribution

Math art regardless of surface

Greek mathematician Thales took up geometry as a way to avoid the omnipresence of random abstract art.

Sad math art

The purpose of computing is like the purpose of art: insight, not numbers, nor colors.

"Modelling in general is regarded sceptically by many biologists"

The arts matter because they are helping to find a good graphical depiction of the ideas. Stochastic models and the undisciplined pursuit of biometric art.

information perception is the essence of consciousness

Information and integration is the very essence of consciousness, but why ?

Ellsworth Kelly, Images tend to describe issues in black-and-white search for a standard of beauty term.

It is always better to solve the right problem the wrong way, than to fail to solve the wrong problem the right way.

Richard Hamming, Art automaticism

White spiders are good omens and good luck

White spiders are in the house to protect it

Pixels have been playing dice. Important figures tend to be clustered together, while less important figure drawings appear more randomly distributed. The cartoon often reported that he thought in images and sensations rather than in words.

Should we dig up Thomas Bayes and notify him that chance is everywhere? A lesson from lucky artworks.