information perception is the essence of consciousness

Information and integration is the very essence of consciousness, but why ?

Ellsworth Kelly, Images tend to describe issues in black-and-white search for a standard of beauty term.

It is always better to solve the right problem the wrong way, than to fail to solve the wrong problem the right way.

Richard Hamming, Art automaticism

The purpose of computing is like the purpose of art: insight, not numbers, nor colors.

Modelling in general is regarded sceptically by many biologists"

The arts matter because they are helping to find a good graphical depiction of the ideas. Stochastic models and the undisciplined pursuit of biometric art.

Pixels have been playing dice. Important figures tend to be clustered together, while less important figure drawings appear more randomly distributed. The cartoon often reported that he thought in images and sensations rather than in words.

White spiders are good omens and good luck

White spiders are in the house to protect it

Should we dig up Thomas Bayes and notify him that chance is everywhere? A lesson from lucky artworks.

Eubulides of Miletus (Sorites = heap), sorites paradox

All profoundly algebric art looks ugly at first (another natural question is whether different runs with the same random parameters produce the same results).

Simple artworks have great problem solving skills.

Mathematicians spend their days swimming in an algebraic sea of meaningless symbols./p>

Ad Reinhardt, "The difference between minimalism and simplicity has always perplexed me"

cool art drawing, harmonic mean

There's a simple explanation for the drive to quantify everything: Math is beautiful on a purely abstract level, quite apart from its ability to explain the world.

Awesome paintings are curious about what it means to be human. We don't know because we don't have a denominator. Contrary to common belief, art is impossible to solve numerically.

He understands the root of what the problem is and not some indirect version. Progress along this track must be measured one picture at a time, and in terms people understand.

The nihilistic elements, which are obvious in spite of all protests to the contrary, are not the consequences of new insights but of some very old ideas. They are still dangerously involved in old concepts.

Seekers of this "theory of everything" have wandered into fantasy realms of higher dimensions with little or no empirical connection to our reality.

A significant mountain has been climbed, Young art lovers are more and more interested exclusively in integral art pictures. Where The Rainbow Ends

Antoni Tapies

cool art drawing, harmonic mean

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Particularly complex data that is hard to describe in words, can usually be explained effortlessly with diagrams, statistics and flowcharts. Images convey emotions, which further engage social interactions.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. One wonders if the result is wrong or just not conclusively proven, or are engaging in a sort of magical thinking.

Everyone knows the results are absurd.

Math art and artistic painting of probability distribution

Math art regardless of surface

Greek mathematician Thales took up geometry as a way to avoid the omnipresence of random abstract art.