We as human beings prefer definite answers to ill-defined problems. The page is a good place to exchange ideas about useless artworks.

What it means to be human?

What does it means to be human ?

Almost every picture had a story to tell. Making irrelevant art, not stupid artworks, just irrelevant things.

Because art activism have a unique and complex imagery bordering on silliest questions, theory-led painting should be funny.

are the funniest questions real or fake ?

Do real photos of dragons really exist? There’s no life in their eyes.

hilarious questions about Helen of Troy

Who was Helen of Troy and did they intentionally make contemporary art hard to understand ?

contemporary cubism

What is a cubism ? What does a cubism do?

santa claus is real

Do i really exist and does Santa exist?

If you don't believe in Santa Claus, you can't understand contemporary art.

Dada contemporary idealism

We want arworks, straightforward, strong, accurate and forever not understood, logic is always wrong.

Tzara, Dada is contemporary idealism

Which was the first, egg or chicken

Who is feeding Schrodinger's cat ?

A little skeptical picture of scientist-artists cherry picking of significant artistical breakthroughs.

Power laws are also fat-tail laws, which has importance for beaver drawings

How to actually turn into a mermaid?

Does philosophy of art help to create unexpected artworks?

An abstract picture should not require a long, tedious essay to explain its unreasonable content. Philosophy of art is when someone else does the thinking.

Who has a crystal clear idea of the invisible man?

There are more possibilities but these are off the top of my head.