mysterious creatures strengthen cybercultural myths

Humor help us to understand an enormous mystery waiting to be unlocked.

Run-and-tumble pictures escape timeless human ferocity, whiel idealist artworks work so courageously to bring truth to the world.

Just because you call it lunatic art, it doesn't make it so.

Wacky Art in the Digital Age

At the edge of shallow aesthetics, wacky art stands for you.

Wackiness has played an instrumental role in reshaping the culturally reckless art. Yes, pollution of urban myth does exist.

how to find a place in the worst website ever list?

Finding a secure place in the worst websites ever list: worst pictures strengthen art sites.

Don't spread rumors. Wacky cyberculture tells that a steady stream of folk tales from proto-Modernist lowbrow art always occurs during its making. Sure, the divisions were fanciful, but they gave us a feeling of control.

mysterious creatures for worst website design

Confusing luck with skill is a good start for the worst postmodernist website.

As Werner Heisenberg famously conjectured, you can't measure an image's weirdness and wackiness at the same time.

Quos vult perdere, Jupiter dementat.

Virgil, Aeneide