good art stands the test of time

Good art stands the test of breakfast time

Art is like irony, an ephemeral unanticipated part of our biology: isn’t it awful?

Art minutes and seconds presumably know something the rest of us don’t. The whole point is that it’s up to you to think and make up your own conclusions.

Good times for artworks based on time

Good times based art, that might die like a mayfly next week?

You know good pictures are alive and they can walk away, and pretty soon you have a self-perpetuating circle.

Ephemeral artworks have a wait-and-see attitude

For just a second the picture feels human

To live life in all its fullness, we have to use colors. Timeless street art is our contemporary romanticism.

Ancestral dragons are real for time-based artists

Are ancient dragons real for time based artists?

John Ruskin ("accuracy being the first and last thing they look for") explored a wide variety of types of practice in drawing from time immemorial.