Absurd art finds the nonsense itself amusing.

art is meaningful

life without art is an octopus without a mermaid

Absurdist humour would really challenge the dogma that nonsense is a type of wazzock talk.

In internet art, every advanced page knows its own inadequacy, but only fun may had save some octopus and marmaid from insanity. Humor improved the efficiency of this kind of nonsense art, all hat, not cattle.

playfulness and minimum description length principle

Playfulness has a secure place in art history. With roots in whimsical science and playfulness postmodernism, walking art is an important step in the future of modern art. It's not a foolproof methodology, but here's what Raymond Chandler discovered: The truth of art keeps science from becoming inhuman, and the truth of science keeps art from becoming ridiculous.

Why are uncommon images of the world important?

Why absurd art is important? Drawing is essential for theorizing artists who sought a science of seeing in pictures. The shallow-image versions, on drawing paper, are often sybaritic and non marketable. So what? How to become a mermaid half human?

odd drawing

Bad painting is meaningful art. Strong images work.

Long and the short of the spirit of absurd

Body proportions drawing by numbers.

Not the craziest artwork with a dash of anarchy I ever see because it's math art.