what is realism in art?

Whimsical realism, it's pure magic.

But artists know that the standard whimsical model is not the end of the story, not least because it doesnít include contemporary realism or explain complex drawing issues. Itís much more difficult to manipulate information once itís been understood.

realism pictures the humorous reality of things

Humor has the upper hand, every picture is an exception to the rule.

Photography can never depict even or hell, because any picture is more talkative.

Edward Munch, But art history is long, and complex processes can be at play.

Art is a part of the rebellion against the realities of its unfulfilled desire. The roots of scientific inquiry are curiosity and skepticism. Realism is like idealism, but a kind of idealism less idealistic than usual. Realism dealing with the brick and mortar world is the bread-and-butter of interesting artworks.

Emma Goldman

what is realistic art ?

What is realistic art ?

Mundane details are omitted for the sake of clarity. Realism in art is not scientific accuracy. Realism is where our artworks collide with practical realities, believing in keeping things physical. In everyday language, that sounds nonsensical. But within the mathematical formalism of quantum theory, ambiguity about causation emerges in a perfectly logical and consistent way.

realism in anatomy for artists

The driving purpose of contemporary realism is not to do art but to find out what art is really. Mundane considerations are essential to the development of playful realism and chance. The contemporary realists often used mundane subject matter for their paintings.

Stephen Hicks, Idealism in art is the meaning of everything, itís sweet and, I think, encouraging.