explain the paradox of ephemeral art

The paradox of unexplained pictures: seeing the image online brings it alive.

The lines of fact and fiction continue to be blurred by funny things seen as meaningful artworks because we recognize them as such and this has led to much hilarity down the years.

Ghosts still doing important work

Conceptual art ideas

Do spirits exist in contemporary art ? Ghosts argued in manifestos that some previous dominant movement was now irrelevant, and they keep making interesting artworks.

Ephemeral art

Figure drawing never warrants style that is more timeless and less ephemeral.

paradox of the erosion of time

Because you have to draw the line somewhere, you have to draw a figure because charting the path is the point. The dividing line is between the new and the newt because everything that came before it is ancient and everything that came after it is newt. They fight that empty feeling we can get when you stop and look at things as they are. Ephemeral art is in the gap between our representations of the world and our memory.

cool pictures of animals

If art is fundamentally a relational activity, is there any room for eccentric paintings of cool animals ?

A truly cool picture of animals looks at something that others are stuck on and gets the collage unstuck.