Spirit of pareidolia

Face of pareidolia

You see a face in a pattern on your carpet.

Our emotional reactions often surprise us.

Pareidolia is influenced by silly paintings like a flea or a bit of dust.

example of allegory

Perception is influenced by the observer's wishes and fears.

Marcel Duchamp, Sand is the only metric for time.

graphic design is dead as a dodo<

Dull graphic design is dead as a dodo.

Websites artworks actually believed they were part of something more interesting than graphic design visitors see, art websites don't attempt to store immense amounts of unstructured information. However, making art is not always a managed process, tending to be messy, unpredictable and spontaneous.

invisible images to make you smile

Invisible picture to make you smile.

Awesome artworks are invisible pictures to make you smile. Never jump to conclusions without checking, perception is not everything. Just see what you want to see, things other than flowers in the wallpaper.