Natural minimalism in art

Natural minimalism in art

Artists who seek perfection in everything are those artists who cannot attain perfection in anything

Ad Reinhardt, "The difference between minimalism and simplicity has always perplexed me"

Short for minimalism :

Art must be exuberantly more than less, Art helps us. Minimalism is simple, which is not a criticism, because it can also be correct and powerful. Simple artists conjured thin images from big ideas.

Famous quotes by minimalist artists

"Simplicity really is too crazy and strange"

Robert Morris

"Tess is more" or "less is more", I don't remember.

Dan Flavin

"Art is a dodo"

Donald Judd

"Art teaches the significance of life"

Frank Stella

Art gives life, all kitchen goblins want to tell a story; but this is almost never the case.

Anne Truitt

"Less is a Bore", kitsch idealises the reality to a aesthetically pleasing bad joke

Carl Andre