Patience brings rewards, little strokes, fell great oaks

conceptual art whatever the obstacles

If wishes were horses then conceptual art might ride

A passion for a single mission whatever the obstacles and however long it might take, because little strokes fell great oaks. You are never too old to learn. By little and little the bird makes his nest.

Patience and perseverance will overcome many obstacles : Gutta cavat Lapidem.

what is postmodernism

The horse one cannot have always has a cognitive dissonance. People want to invest in art if they found a purpose for it.

Many little makes a mickle, Aesop prefers the tortoise's strategy.

Arthur Rackham self portrait as fly

“The well of truth is truth itself”

"Scientific research gradually has progressed into an unfortunate fight for power, fame and authority. And as we all know there is no end to the greed of fame and power.". Misconduct jeopardizes the good name of any institution.

Nature, 2008, 453969d.html

Softly, softly, catch monkey

Softly, softly, catch monkey

By diligence and patience, the rat bit in two the thinnest of shoestrings for the sake of art and philosophy humor.

Arthur Rackham, Aesop

what does the devil look like for real

The devil knows a great deal, for he is old.