purple murex

Murex purple pigment has a historical, cultural and aesthetic value.

Old stuff that need our imagination to exist, like the fairies of the internet. Where is the art left when boring uniformization is the main purpose of the internet ? Murex is a symbol color purple.

Imperial purple acquired a word-of-mouth following and remains an extraordinary dibromo-indigo mystery to this day.

Purple from Murex trunculus is dibromoindigo. dibromoindigotin shown on this page (imperial purple, with more pink and less indigo blue to the blue jean dye).

the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics

"Various conjonctures about underlying mechanisms can be made explicit in mathematical terms (from the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics), and the consequences can be tested against the observed patterns; in this general way, we can in effect, explore possible worlds".

Robert M. May, Science , vol 303, pages 790-793

Artistic source and more.