Images are not just passive entities, generic one-size-fits-all artworks. People are quite intriguing.

Abstract and representational drawings

Contemporary drawings have their own visual language; abstract and representational drawings share the same bed.

What is the meaning of drawing? A photocopier or a camera always can do it much faster.

Believing in drawings of people

Drawings of people are forever contemporary

Contemporary drawing theory is a two-way street. You always expected something like a big answer to any small question, so failure to do so could prove fatal.

contemporary art ideas doesnt speak to me

Contemporary art doesnt speak to me.

The devil is in precision and accuracy.


Weird design is a perfect communication medium for escaping the really that the serious art world is often boring.

People in art conform their drawings to one another without realizing it. Dont reveal signs of conformity. If you cannot be the artist, step out of the box and be more life-like, more hasardous, be the painting because serious art is not serious. The interpretation of those drawings can be ambiguous.


Contemporary drawing lives on fiction and myths. We use social connections to overcome biological constraints: best drawings are, in general, nothing but failed representations.

"Not believing in drawing is the same as not believing in gravitation."

Thomas Hobbes

For nothing now can ever come to any good

Contemporary tooth fairies are not sad

Photography killed the ancient species of realist illustrations, but didn't killed drawing as representation of mental imagery. Photos are always wrong, unless they appear drawn by an artist. When pictures don't create a consistent narrative with their viewers they loose out, leaving these viewers to dine on a stew of ambiguity. People are unique.

Urban legends sometimes feel awkward in galleries.

W. H. Auden