Art roots are deeply natural rather than cultural.

real mandragora

Real mandrake roots are deeply natural, its current shape is unsustainable without some deep-rooted reforms.

The roots of contemporary art expect some sort of technological singularity, Old habits die hard.

Old mandrakes die hard

Anthropomorphized creatures are largely the 'root' of the problem I think.

art roots are deeply natural rather than cultural

Mandrakes consider real pictures serving to abandon anthropocentric narrative coherence. Mangora paintings have roots going back to dark ages.

mandrake loves easy drawings of nature

Mandrake is rooted in his deep affinity with nature

Not poppy, nor mandragora : Drawings also become metaphors when an artwork is used to represent something like an idea that is not visible. A potentially toxic blend of influences that can create an opportunity to understand the relationship between mandragora and mandrakes.

visual metaphors for life and death gave humanity the power over everyday life

As a would-be drawing, I have to make a theory of bad art confront with practice. Art gave humanity the power over symbols.

However the proposed pictures are downright silly and do little to get at the root cause.