Now, success means being an artist.

Seth Godin, Linchpin

Art that makes you smile

Art that makes you smile, always do what you are afraid to do.

Good art is art that makes you smile, serious art attempts the impossible and is doomed to fail. Yet, the most enduring mystery involves ancient mythology itself, as researchers try to untangle what makes the myth of sisyphus so potent.

hermit crab out of its shell is a metaphor

Always do what you are afraid to do

Knowledge is power for hermit crabs, assiduity makes all things easy

Donít ask someone else tell you how to be a contemporary hermit crab without shell. Myths and legends have a heuristic value, and assiduity makes all things easy, and smiling artworks makes a better life.

nostalgic reckless abstract art

The hardest thing in life for reckless artists is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn. An artistic track, recalled as nostalgic postmodernism, which left few footprints in life.

No flying without wings. Art is a fact. The internet is permanently nostalgic for everything.

quirky cuttlefish pursues the untried and the odd

Sepia ink cuttlefish.

Artworks are scientific and always have been. The smiling picture learns by updating its heuristic function.

cool urban things to draw

Now or never.

reckless abstract art

Dual representation of thinking, the opposing pair of figurativeness versus reckless abstraction.

Archimedes art that make you think.

A good beginning makes a good ending. The hermit crab warrants more scientific attention and investment.