objective subjective

Subjective art is very powerful only in that it can communicate strong ideas, and emotions.

Like an insurgency, art theory has crept into the daily lives of contemporary artists and reached the level of near obsession.t

beauty objective or subjective crazy aesthetics

Kant set the terms of crazy aesthetics.

All spiders think they are artists. If you could say it on your art blog, there would be no reason to paint. Theory is dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control. You don't have to stop thinking logically, because the picture you are looking for are no longer capable of logic, subjective versus objective sublime in art.

fibonacci in nature objective or subjective

"Dreaming to build good art atmosphere from silly ideas" does not mean "participating in the contemporary culture construction".

Friedrich Schiller

The beautiful is an object of a necessary delight

At first glance, these artworks challenge the viewer through their visual humor, but upon closer inspection, they reveal an inner beauty.

short jokes are perfect hidden messages

Good short jokes philosophy spins fairy tales. Tooth fairies are less dramatic, if no less absurd.

A flower such as a tulip, is regarded as beautiful because we meet with a certain finality in its perception, which, in our estimate of it which, in our estimate of it, is not referred to any end whatever.

Art is very powerful in that it can communicate strong ideas, emotions and extraterrestrial counsels via meditation.