what makes a painting memorable

We must picture artworks to memorize them

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

Mark Twain

fearful lizard brain makes paintings memorable

Fearful memorable images wake up sleepers

Visual expression is a matter of life and death because memorable paintings are fearful.

left bug right bug

Do the arts still measure the gap between what is shown and what is meant ?

What makes paintings memorable?

Bad art is pushing aside any image that stands in their way. The only way to become an indispensable picture is to be different.

Abuse of insipid images in contemporary art practice draw amygdala activation. Amygdala activation in response to threat-related artistic facial expressions draws affective arousal.

People are becoming more visual

Lizard brain makes strong memory and good art

Sappy art is gut-wrenching.

Fear makes strong memory

What makes cool paintings memorable?

Art and culture returned to the classical past, seeking tranquility, order, and enduring values. The most straightforward explanation for failing to draw is a fear of error.

simple example of approach to art form
Alzheimer smiling artist

What makes us see pleasure in a smiling artwork ?

Memorable images are smiling to observer: when you've been placed in an adversarial relation to better images, you don't know you've lost until the end.