why self-consciousness make art ?

Why doing art ? Making paintings because statues are perch for pigeons.

Theory is key. Humor is king. Skillfulness is a whole other can of worms. Drawing a picture that depicts happiness, because the concept of accuracy and precision is is basically playful.

Predicting the present

All art is contemporary

Maurizio Nannucci, Berlin. You have got better things to do. Gravity is a recipe for disaster.

Scientists become famous, much like artists, based on their visions.

Rich Goldn, Vine drawings are botanical symbols concealing what should be seen, or not.

funny art of sgraffito

It is hard to be sure what odalisque definition in art is anymore than asking whether itís possible to accentuate the various design eccentricities, turning away from a negative mood to something more positive.

Doing a finger in the air calculation: Because the best art ideas are cryptic, unresolved and illegible, calm and happy pictures make more money. Good pictures are as gregarious as termites.

stupid quotes about graphic art

Computer please give me proof that art exists.

Art thrives on controversy with a sense of humor.

Contemporary art really understands a couple of things - strange mysteries and irresistible humanity. There are also many mysterious ways of seeing, but in all cases the bottom line is that we see with our mind. Good art lives in the middle of nowhere.