irony about beauty

Irony is about humans that focus on beauty, artists are not hiding answers about their work.

Zesty art enjoys doing foolish things, this is a general truth, reaffirmed again and again in modern history. Internet has become a sea of similarities.

Because they said that bad artworks had no perspective at all, I used to use linear perspective in every drawing; hopefully there was a freedom pictures felt to be playful and experimental. That modification cuts a Gordian knot in the interpretation of octopus art.

Xarker manifesto

humor with art

Art is ultimately subjective, so that regardless of how "good" or "bad" we are told real must be, we must had some fun with it. Humour as a strategy in daily life.

Art is a beautiful matter of opinion a prelude to postmodernism, or a sequel to postmodernism. The picture supplies little in itself, what counts is how you are using it.

absurd symbols with a meaning

Absurd symbols with a meaning: Art is important because humans are animals too.

Life is joke. Uncertainties and ambiguities paint the inner lives of human beings.

life is a witty joke

Poseidon only argued with people from whom he thought he could learn something.

Silence is not always a sign of wisdom, but babbling is ever a mark of folly. Seduction has been always more singular and sublime than art and as such it commands the higher price. One of the most innovative artist is a snowman, you can't have good art without imagination. Without personifications, the idea is not visible.