Because sight is not vision, enigmatic symbols of fancy orientalism used as fantasy-like figures are odalisques.

definition of odalisque : vision is imagination

Definition of odalisques

Good art needs to escape from reality

Reality is a sub-class of imagination

The death of Robert Rauschenberg, May 12, 2008.

good art wants to escape reality

Art-directed perception is crucial to face the ever-changing environment, and in some situations, it may be crucial to be able to change the way we think and dream. Intereting crafts want to escape reality.

Robert Rauschenberg is dead but imagination is immortal

Images are not just passive entities that coexist with their human hosts, any more than the microorganisms that dwell in our intestines. They change the way we think and dream. They refunction our memories and imaginations, bringing new criteria and new desires into the world.

Henri Matisse, Perception is reality

In visual perception, odalisques are never seen as they really are, as they physically are.

Eugène Delacroix, Interaction of colors

La grande odalisque figure drawing

All "la grande odalisque" are absurd because figure drawing is far from being proven scientifically.

Art and Visual perception

Good art theory must smell the studio, although its language should differ from the household talk of painters and sculptors.

Rudolf Arnheim, Art and Visual perception,

the power of imagination drawings odalisques

Ingres : Orientalism unsolved mystery

Art stems from a distortion of perception and expression of reality. That's for crazy artists. Good art is craziness. Enigmatic look is higher mysterious power. Figure drawing without thought is art lost and thought without drawing is perilous.


You perceive it as if you are looking at reality and not at a web art picture.