An image can be two things simultaneously.

black and white art humor

Art life isn't black and white, Enigmatica is gey.

An aphorism develops abstract mental activities.

The world of images is an enchanting metaphor, and so is fraught with uncertainty.

black and white academic drawings

Everything we do is art, even the academic drawings, nothing is an absolute reality.

nothing is black and white

Black and white drawing

black and white life drawing

Art is the science of seeing, drawing a white thing and painting a black one with touches of humor.

drawing from life better than photographs

Photo versus figure drawing.

Drawing from life is better than photographs.

black and white sketch

A color picture of metaphor for art with a black-and-white soul.

black and white figure drawing

Black, blue and white with one color.

Art probability

Art posterior probability from a Bayesian point of view. Probablilities are shades of grey in an oversimplified black and white world.

Nothing is perfect when art is black and white

Nothing is perfect because meaningful things can't always be simple.

Life's darkest moment never are black and white

Life's darkest moment never are black and white.