By definition, art is human, rationality can wait at the door.

personification because all art is human

Personification has leadership in the visual arts, because any object is a living thing. Personification means giving human traits, emotions and qualities, to inanimate objects.

What is the meaning of personification?

Proof i exist.

irony of fate must be seen to be appreciated

Personification of art

Stochastic art making is hardly more effective than a coin toss. Such nominalization examples are helpless artspeak exercices.

The eccentric canvas knows how to look funky as contemporary kitsch for escaping its flat life. Certain paintings that make them more memorable as art with meaning.

conceptual art that speaks for curiosity itself

Ironic artwork that speaks for itself

I have sympathy for abandoned objects, so I always try to rescue them as much as I can.

The death of Robert Rauschenberg, May 12, 2008.

Irony art and Grekk mythology

What does Eros look like ?

Artists have long considered distinguishing personification of death part of their aesthetic language

Adolf Loos philosophical aesthetics is a masterpiece of irony

Adolf Loos

Patience only pictures life like artworks as a ">cultural signature of happiness.

is it art?

Is it art? Philosophical aesthetics is a masterpiece of irony.

Personification of a representation-communication system with a specific purpose : lumping together massively edgy artworks such as contemporary art museum (master) pieces in the same list as much smaller midget artworks (that may be excellent in their own ways).

I liked this story, but it's a pity the pictures were on the page they were discussed instead of hidden at the end.