It's not bizarre, it's animistic thinking.

some crazy bit of code with cute monsters

Cutely weird monsters

Of course life is bizarre, the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting life is: does anyone have any thoughts on solutions? The art sites incorrectly interpret oscillations as a staircase of ever-increasing jocularity.

The brain turns doodling everytimes we are too bored, and this is why nobody is bored when making basiliks that are beautiful and interesting.

Weird ends are strange artwork

Indian ink dooling over a text written by Picasso

"Weird is too easy, too obvious, too thin"

Hilland Cotter

weird artist

Weird artists ship

The problem is never how to get new thoughts into your mind, but how to get weird ones out. Art happens everywhere: be open to unsusal art forms, cute monsters are friendly!

black and white cleopatra about bodies-hidden truth of our self

Are rubenesque drawings real?

The most common activity in corporate meetings is making ephemeral artworks, drawing small graphics, keeping your neurons busy because imagination is a boredom killer and an efficient mean to improve creativity drawing the flow of time.

"As long as data scientists admit that they mostly just redo linear regression in weirder and weirder ways"

Cathy O'Neil

Doodling nurtures our need to get old thoughts out of our mind.