It's not that molluscs are so smart, it's just that snails stay with problems longer.

Albert Einstein

art made with printing snails

What eats an artsy printmaker snail ?

I am not a creping slug, I am a proud snail. Cannily perceptive snails and slugs love half-eaten leaves rendered with near-miniaturist exactitude ready for soft-ground copper etching.

slug etching

Copper plate etching of slug-eaten leaf (leaf from La Réunion island, Indian ocean).

Where do snails live ?

Philosophy of a genetics slug : a certain level of institutional sluggishness has been vital to our survival. Snail art is recognized as exceptional, but out of the mainstream, with vibrant colors like periwinkle.

Albert Einstein, How long would it take a snail to slide around the world?

Wild things as love leaves

Love ivy leaf, copper plate etching, flowers wax poetically.

The scientific truth about snails, slow painting and anti-efficiency artworks. Bad art affects my bottom line negatively.