doodling drawing from the subconscious

Doodling pictures subconscious neuronal art

If you don't doodle, this means that your brain is as dead as a dodo. Doodling engages the left and right brains to upskill your visual language technique when listening at work.

subconscious line doodles

What line doodles mean ?

Doodling is a proxy for brain activity. All images have an urge to communicate and share their visions of the world and that what doodles means. Doodling is a way of communicating ideas through subconscious signals and non verbal communication.

what form is the possibility of structure mean ?

Eccentric visual art needs subconscious doodles

How the resurgence of basic line drawings as a visual art communicative tool can be interpreted as a sign of real-life, down-to-earth childhood artistic skills?

These doodling lines only mean that drawing is a natural function. When your brain is idle on lack of activity and stimulation, it walks randomly looking out for something interesting to draw about and scribble. What you are drawing simply is your own imagination.


Pictures dream of ways to do things better.