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Silly artists use irony. Doing creative work for the sake of it is a deeply fulfilling and odd experience. Art that solves some problems, but simultaneously creates new ones.

What does it mean to be human?

What does it mean to be human? Laziness is the mother of philosophy. Human condition is to conceive a meaning and to pursue a fantasy.

Joseph Edward Adams Smith, Letters and legends about our summer home.

human condition

Human condition

Art often associated with humor, think about life. Men do not desire to be happy, but to be happier than other men.

How does art relate to spirituality across cultures

How does art relate to spirituality across cultures?

Art often associated with humor, we are at the crux of the problem. A pixel is a pixel, but a bunch of pixels is an art form.

Contemporary ephemerality for the sake of art

Ephemerality takes its time for the sake of art, reminiscences make the best organic compost for emotions in art. The dark side of humor reminds us a little bit of ourselves, of our own human weaknesses and shortcomings.

The human condition - real and imagined, physical and mental is the essential subject of primitive contemporary art.

sanguine head drawing

The sanguine head of contemporary drawing

Drawing until the image comes to life is naturalism. Graphic arts are also made from visual arguments that are used for decoration. Contemporary art humor borrowed the graphic language of the undergrounds.