Art paradoxes.

But in the real world, you can't do that.

Imagination is nice, but math is better.

inspection paradox

For any pink flamingo the renewal interval containing a pink flamingo is stochastically larger than the first, or the last, renewal interval. However once you notice the inspection paradox, you see it everywhere, even on the shore of a Kenyan lake full of pink flamingoes.

W.J.T. Mitchell, Inspection paradox

Pictures can play an important part in the quest for human forms.

Francis Picabia

Stephen Hicks, in "Why art became ugly"

art paradox

In the real world, you can't do that.

Biased length human figure drawing

In art sites, most pages show a single picture, but most pictures are in overcrowded because interesting web sites have a keenness for strong images of paradoxes.

Weathering Joe realized this stuff was an art form, and the people who made them were artists.

inspection paradox

Inspection paradox : everybody has heard of it, but it has never been spotted in the flesh.