timestamp endless possibility

Math poetry for 2007-3-6. Works also for 2015 poems about equations, endless possibilities. A comprehensible explanation is not necessarily the shortest one for a fibonacci number.

math poems on art

Math loves poems, Geometry is arboreal, Stochastic art coincidental

Real artists are not mathophobes but real humans are irrational,

Harmonic mean is the reciprocal of arithmetic mean of reciprocal.

Thus math love poems,

Geometry is arboreal, stochastic art coincidental,

Because all art is allegorical in the middle of the night.

When Art imitates Life

You don't understand but you look

At this enigmatic equation you took

As a math figure from a cryptozoologic book

Spied in a shady nook.

Its about reciprocal and harmonic means even without help from the cook

You know that artists see as a mean arithmetic hook

The natural intelligence of a rook.

The equation is now friendly and you will hear soon its harmonic bells dingdook.

Equations are also sometimes likened to poems.

"Of course an equation can be harmonious, but the beauty cannot be divorced from its meaning."

Sander Bais

Artists do math, here's a visual proof

Do you see an equation that, perhaps ironically, art couldn't figure?

art is difficult to understand

When the subject is strong, simplicity is the only way to treat it.

safety in numbers

There is no safety in numbers; do believe in art.

Anselm Kiefer, Nobody knows all of math, not even the best artists.

Geometry demonstrates that drawing paper must have always two sides.

Math poets do not write to be understood. We cannot allow artists to draw pictures of the square root of nine for an idealized rational user.

"I don't like numbers that can't be written as a fraction. It's an irrational fear."

math for unicorn sightings

"If you think it's simple, then you have misunderstood the problem".

Bjarne Stroustrup

Poetry is philosophical for it tends to express the universal according to the law of probability or necessity.

Aristotle, recursive equations make endless art.

My cardioid i sent to you

With love and osculations:

O conjugate, let's have no more

Harmonic separations.

Love's a bound this day, and I

Wait thy reciprocations.

Leo Moser, Valentine